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The Oracy APPG is committed to helping every child be a confident communicator and find their voice. The group exists to co-ordinate research, promote best practice and encourage the overarching principles of oracy in education and society at large.

The secretariat for the Oracy APPG is led by Voice 21 and supported by organisations within the Oracy Network. 

Names of the officers involved in the APPG and organisations in the Oracy Network can be found below. 

MPs at the launch of the Oracy APPG inquiry 

Officers and Members

Emma Hardy MP (Chair)

Ian Mearns MP (Officer)

William Wragg MP (Officer)

Tan Dhesi MP (Officer)

Bambos Charalambous MP (Officer)

Stephanie Peacock MP

Lord Watson of Invergowrie

Marion Fellows MP

Robert Halfon MP

Margaret Greenwood MP

Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Rachel Hopkins MP

Ben Bradley MP

Jonathan Reynolds MP

Matt Western MP

Matt Rodda MP

Valerie Vaz MP

Rupa Huq MP

Stephen McCabe MP

Oracy Network


Dr. Arlene Holmes-Henderson (University of Oxford and Speaking Citizens)

Duncan Partridge

Economist Foundation


English Speaking Board (International) Ltd

English Speaking Union


Kate Freeman


National Literacy Trust

Oracy Cambridge


Speakers Trust

Speaking Citizens 

Talk the Talk

The Centre for Education & Youth

The Noisy Classroom


Voice 21

Votes for Schools

The Oracy APPG secretariat is overseen by Voice 21. 


This website is currently managed by Voice 21, secretariat to the Oracy APPG


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